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About Kids n' Tweens

Play and Learning - Kids n' Tweens Lifestyle is designed to provide enterprises working with children and young people in the South Region, with the key to better understand children aged 3-12 years.

The project is a cooperation project between Spinderihallerne, and more than 100 partners from private and public enterprises and institutions.

The project is built around 3 laboratories, each having their own way of working with children and young people's lifestyle:

Laboratory for Tourism and Experiences
Laboratory Manager Anette Hellmund Werenskiold, South Tourism.

Laboratory for the Body and Movement
Laboratory Manager Lars Elbæk, University of Southern Denmark
Laboratory Director Michael Wurtz Bjørn, University College

Laboratory of Architecture and Design
Laboratory Managers Kari Moseng, Aarhus School of Architecture and
Aviaja Borup, Aarhus School of Architecture.

The way the individual laboratories are working with this, is not industry-specific. It allows partner companies in the project, the opportunity to meet and collaborate, across disciplinary boundaries and cultures.

Each laboratory will, through the project's four-year life span, work with changing partners in each of the five development processes, within these themes:

• Communication with children
• The learning body
• Spaces for children
• Testing and generation of methodologies, guidelines and models
• The involvement of children in concept development

Common for all activities in the project, is that they must culminate in concrete proposals and offers for children and young people. Proposals that companies are able to use directly in their own work to develop new services and products for the segment.

The long-term goal is that the region's businesses achieve a market advantage and will be able to attract more customers and partners as a result of the knowledge sharing, the exchange of ideas, and the creation of new cooperative working relationships, which the project is expected to generate.

Finally, it is the goal that the project must contribute to the branding of Region South Denmark as the region, in which children and adults are playing the best!

Play and Learning - Kids n' Tweens Lifestyle is implemented in the period of 2009-2012, with a total budget of almost 32 million Danish crowns. The project is a structural fund project supported by the European Regional Fund and by the Southern Growth Forum.